Work it with a Circuit

Hi friends!

Summer vacation is coming up pretty soon and for me it’s my last summer vacation before being a real adult who no longer gets vacation. During the summer my routine is all kinds of crazy because I work crazy hours and sleep a lot more than I do when I am living with 8 other girls in my college house. When I am rolling out of bed before work, the last thing I feel like doing is going to the gym, but hustlers don’t make excuses.

In the summer I do a lot of home workouts because they are quick and don’t require the 15 minute drive from my house to my gym, Old School Iron. This consists of a lot of long runs by the lake and short circuit workouts. My favorite circuit workout is six simple exercises:

  • Pushups
  • Crunches
  • Tricep Dips
  • Squat Jumps
  • Lunges
  • Burpies

I don’t see the point in reinventing the wheel for every workout because the classic moves get the job done pretty well as long as you do change it up on occasion. Here’s a video of my favorite full body circuit workout:

The music in my video is from my good friend Josh Mansfield, known as Bass Sic. He is a new EDM artist and he is really talented. Recently, my best friend Natalie and I decided to begin our own PR agency to help out our DJ friends grow their brands and book shows. After hearing about our agency, Josh asked Nat and myself to be his official managers. With that being said, this post is my first public announcement of our partnership! I am really excited to begin my journey as a professional with my best friends by my side. Follow Bass Sic on SoundCloud to hear some of his music!


Getting Rec’d: A Healthy Night Out

A huge part of college is taking a break and having some fun on the weekends! Long nights of binge drinking and eating pizza at 2 a.m. can have a serious affect on your journey to fitness because all of your hard work is set back with bad late night decisions. I put together my guide to staying healthy on a night out including eating, vitamins, what I like to drink when I go out, how I budget my decisions, and an alternative workout I can do when I am unwinding from college stress.  Infographic: a healthy night outBy no means is this a foolproof way to stay healthy while drinking alcohol, but it is better than throwing back sugary drinks until you feel ill. Get out there and enjoy your nights off, but do it the right way.

"Love yourself" with a heart background

The Kind of Fitness You Don’t Think About

Just to paint you a little picture of what life is like for me right now, it is currently week 7 of my last semester of college and it is a lot to handle. I am slowly losing my mind because of the following combination of life activities:

Squidward crazy eye twitch
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  1. Trying to find a job/ applying to graduate school (still not sure which route I’m going to take so, naturally, I am doing double the application work)
  2. Attempting not to flunk out of my most rigorous courses just weeks before I can get my diploma
  3. Pay my bills by working two jobs
  4. Staying fit to look super-hot on spring break and stay healthy
  5. Struggling enjoy my last semester of school before I am a real adult

Whether you are a senior or a freshman, it is important to make time for yourself. Saying no to taking on responsibility that you can’t squeeze in your schedule because you just need to take a minute to breathe is OK. Your mental fitness is more important than an extra line on your resume. Running yourself into the ground from doing too much is not healthy and can have serious effects on your health.

Stress can be both helpful and hurtful to your success. Good stress can push you to work hard and accomplish tasks, such as working under deadline. Bad stress can turn into something that the American Psychological Association calls chronic stress. This type of stress can have long term effects on your body like insomnia (late night Netflix binges don’t count) high blood pressure, muscle plain, and a weak immune system, which can lead to any number of health problems.

Mental health isn’t a college health issue that students typically talk about because everyone’s too worried about everything under the sun besides what matters most, themselves. Paying attention to mental health is a serious aspect of every college student’s life, especially with the amount of pressure that millennials feel when it comes to the need to succeed. I will be the first one to admit that I have dealt with issues with stress induced anxiety/depression where I couldn’t sleep and I was constantly in pain. My whole body hurt because of how stressed out I was all of the time. I was irritable every day for no reason at all and I was not enjoying any part of the “best years of my life”.

I sought out help and began doing more things for me. It felt pretty awesome to enjoy things again. Granted, when I decided to make a change when I was living on the upper west side in Manhattan where there were tons of cool things to do, but it was still a relieving feeling. I would do things like go for runs by the river at sunset, read in Central Park, and window shop because I couldn’t actually afford to buy anything.

"Love yourself" with a heart background
The point I am trying to get at is that I want you to be aware of your mental health and love yourself first. The difference between taking on one extra volunteer opportunity or getting a “C” instead of an “A” on an essay will not make or break your future. Your future employer will never even know what grade or extra opportunity you missed when you walk into the interview a star candidate with a smile slapped across your face from ear to ear.

So, if you do anything at all, love yourself and worry about your happiness. Not your boyfriend/girlfriend’s happiness, not your parent’s happiness, not your professor’s happiness. Just the happiness of Y-O-U.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Go to the Gym

Excuses suck; stop making them. There’s always a reason not to do something, but there is always a way to make it work. If you want to see changes in your fitness whether it be to look hot in a bathing suit or to feel better from day to day, you need to make the change yourself. Grab your life by the balls and make a change. I might seem a little harsh on the topic, but that’s because I had a friend who was ruthless with me when I began my fitness journey two years ago and I haven’t given up since. Some weeks are better than others, but I’m always trying. Nobody’s perfect, so sometimes these excuses will get the better of you and you will order a pizza instead. That’s okay, but don’t order 12 pizzas in a month and expect to reach your goals. It is rough being a college hustler, but you have to make the little changes now to see the big changes later on. Even if you want to complain the entire time, just do it.



1. Too much homework.

This is one excuse that is kind of valid, but completely avoidable! Last November, I was studying to take the GRE which is like adding another class to your schedule, so needless to say, I was drowning in homework. For those of you who have taken it understand that it makes you feel like you’ve spent the last 15 years in school with your head in a hole because nothing makes sense.

The fix: study at the gym. You can ride a bike, treadmill, plank or do pushups while studying. The possibilities are endless! Just bring your book, flashcards or print out your readings to bring with you to the gym. It can also serve as a challenge for you. Try to bike the entire time it takes you to read one chapter. Plank as long as it takes you to finish reading a page. You get the idea.

2. Too tired.

As a young hustler, I understand that you’re tired. I’m tired too, but if there’s a will, there’s a way.

The fix: If you are actually tired due to a lack of sleep, go to bed earlier and skip the gym this time. If you’re tired because you were up partying too late the night before, then you probably shouldn’t party so late. If you just feel a little sleepy that day, going to the gym can actually help wake you up. Getting your blood flowing at the gym can increase the amount of energy you have by supplying your body with endorphins. Check out this link for energy boosting workouts.

3. The weather is gross.

I live in Ohio where the weather is usually less than desirable. If these is a ton of snow, crazy wind, sleet/rain, or all three in one day, nobody wants to leave the dorm/apartment/house to get their sweat on.

The fix: Do a home workout. There are so many ways to get in a good workout without leaving your living room. Move your furniture around to have enough room for crunches, pushups and planks. Doing body weight exercises are just as effective as bumpin’ around some iron in the gym. If you’re more of the cardio type, get a jump rope or run up the stairs a few times.

4. The gym is intimidating.

Yes. The gym is intimidating. Big muscular dudes, hot chicks with their perfectly coordinated cardio outfits and the sound of weights smacking the ground when Tiny Tim in the corner unnecessarily throws down his dumbbells followed by a big ol’ grunt as if he had just won the heavy weight championship. It can be intimidating if you’re starting to work out and aren’t sure how some machines work or if you’re self-conscious next to the girl next to you with a full 6 pack and a J-Lo ass.

The fix: It is easier said than done, but you have to forget what anyone thinks about you when you’re at the gym. You’re going to sweat and smell and feel self-conscious because someone is lifting more weight or running faster than you. You have to walk in that gym knowing that you are a better version of yourself than if you decided to stay home that day. It is intimidating to walk into the gym if it isn’t a regular part of your routine, but you will feel much better about yourself after you finish a kick-ass workout.

5. It’s boring.

The gym can be boring if you do boring things there. Cedar Point can also be boring if you do boring things there. That is kind of a dramatic comparison, but you get my point.

The fix: Do fun things at the gym! Make a cool playlist that pumps you up, watch Netflix while you do cardio, try a new workout, workout with a buddy, etc. I love to workout with my friends because we push each other and chat the workout away. If you work out alone, make a new friend at the gym. People look intimidating, but they are also worried what their butt looks like in their leggings. Trust me.